The company has consistently implemented the policy of “abiding by laws and regulations, creating a green environment, advocating occupational health, jointly providing safety and guarantee, guiding customer delivery, and creating the first-class brand”, adheres to the corporate spirit of “making pragmatic cooperation, keeping improving”, and abides by the purpose of “ethics, dedication, innovation, development”. Under the joint efforts of the leaders headed by the chairman and all the staff, the company has achieved rapid development and outstanding achievements.


The company has clear standards, strict reward and punishment system, flexible organizational structure and fierce internal competition. All the staff of the company are full of energy, make innovation with keen determination, work hard and forge ahead, so that the whole company enjoys vigorous development and is full of vitality.


Meanwhile, the company puts people first, respects employees, and creates a harmonious atmosphere of unity, friendly affection, trust and mutual assistance, which has strengthened group consciousness, made the company staff form a strong cohesion and centripetal force. Common values have formed common goals and ideal. The company staff regard Xingmei as their own community of shared future, take their work as an integral part of achieving the goals, thus the entire company takes the concerted action and becomes a unified whole.


Since its establishment, the company Xingmei has established the long-term goal of creating its own corporate culture. Through development for more than ten years, the material base for the company to create enterprise culture has gradually become mature, various carriers of corporate culture construction, such as organizational structure, working atmosphere, recreational activities, staff care, team building, etc., are becoming more and more mature, and gradually tend to be standardized and normalized. In the face of the new situation, the company will continue to strengthen the conciseness and promotion of corporate culture. While summarizing the past, the company also focuses on the details of management, implements various cultural construction measures, and strives to accelerate the construction of corporate culture in the process of rapid development. In particular, the company shall tap more potential in terms of the stability and care of employees and the creation of enterprise atmosphere, so as to arouse the participation of all employees. With the company’s CPC committee, trade union and youth league committee as the organizational guarantee, the company shall carry out a series of corporate culture construction, make corporate culture become the lasting power supporting the company to achieve the strategic goals, and create “Cultural Xingmei” in real sense.



The company is mainly engaged in the production of steel bowl for children, glass crisper, oil can, seasoning bottle, sealed pot, dish towel, cleansing bar and other kitchen household articles.

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