How to choose good tableware

2019-11-18 02:13
Tableware is one of the necessities in our daily life. Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of tableware materials on the market. How do we choose? According to Xiaobian, the key to choose tableware is whether the material is harmful to human health. Today, Xiaobian is going to take a look at how to buy healthy tableware.
Tips for choosing tableware
The utensil material is stable, does not have the chemical effect with the food, does not overflow the harmful substance.
The thick bottom is better than the thin one, because the heat distribution is more average, so it is not easy to burn food.
According to this condition, the ideal materials are ceramics, clay pot and glass.
For metal selection, high-density pig iron shall be selected. For non graphite surface layer, stainless steel and enamel shall be selected.
Do not put lemon, pineapple, tomato, vinegar or other acidic food when cooking with pig iron utensils, otherwise the food will be stained with black and with metal odor.
Remember to pour the cooked food into another vessel immediately after cooking in a metal vessel, so as to avoid the metal smell on the food.
As for aluminum utensils, inferior stainless steel, covered with thin enamel, easy to clean wok, etc., harmful substances will be released during cooking, so it should be avoided. Aluminum released from aluminum containers has been shown to damage the nervous system and cause other health problems.
Next, let's introduce the selection method of chopsticks in detail.
Tips on chopsticks
Choice: when we choose chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are a good choice. It's non-toxic and harmless. It's environmentally friendly. It's also cheap among all chopsticks. Good quality bamboo chopsticks will not deform in case of high temperature.
Second choice: natural wood chopsticks wood chopsticks? Many chopsticks are made of wood. They are all wooden chopsticks. Can they all be used? Of course not!!! Popularize what I recommend is the natural wood chopsticks. On the contrary, those painted wooden chopsticks are not recommended.
Do not recommend you to use: colorful chopsticks are very beautiful and have many changes in shape, but it is precisely these beautiful chopsticks that I do not recommend you to use in your daily life. Because of the heavy metal, lead and organic solvent benzene and other substances in the paint, there will be many unknown hidden dangers to the body, affecting health.
Don't try to be cheap. Throw away the plastic chopsticks. 20 pairs in a bag, 10 yuan? Sounds like it's cheap? Main, the color is bright, many kinds of choices, only by the color, can distinguish the host and the guest chopsticks, the colorful one is put in the cupboard, kind-hearted and pleasing to the eyes. Life but the texture of plastic chopsticks is brittle, easy to deform and melt after heating, resulting in harmful substances to the body. Would you like to continue using it?
Chopsticks with different styles: silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks, silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks with Chinese flavor. In recent years, with the popularity of Korean food, Korean stainless steel chopsticks, which are gradually popular, look very good, but they are a little heavy and feel bad, especially for children and the elderly. Moreover, it has strong thermal conductivity, and is easy to burn lips when eating overheated food. Ceramic chopsticks are fragile and can't help bumping. They are not recommended as common tableware.
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